Yoga Asanas That Promote Faster Hair Growth

faster hair growth

Yoga helps to increase the blood and oxygen flow in the scalp and even nourishes your dry hair. It is not only good for the body and health but has multiple hair benefits too. Here we have the yoga asanas you should perform if you too suffer from hair fall problems and want good health too.


faster hair growth

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Uttanasana is a powerful stretch pose. It includes an intense stretch, with three poses: standing forward bend, standing forward fold pose, and bending pose. This asana allows blood circulation in the head as we need to put the head near the heart while performing this asana. It energizes your cells with plenty of oxygen.


faster hair growth

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It is a kneeling pose and is known as the diamond pose exercise. It includes Pranayam, Anulom Vilom and many other poses which are said to strengthen the body. This is one of those exercises which can be performed immediately after the meal and it also promotes proper digestion.


faster hair growth

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It is the hare pose exercise. It strengthens the back and muscles of the body as well as refreshes the mind. It has many benefits like it strengthens the abdomen, effective in stimulating the thyroid, balances hormones, improves digestion, helps to cope with depression etc.


faster hair growth

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This asana is performed by back bending and can be performed in the morning with other asanas. This needs to be practised with an empty stomach and should be done after 4-5 hours of a meal. The timings of stretching your back for this asana should be 30 to 60 seconds. It strengthens your back and stretches the abdomen, thighs, ankles and your entire body.


faster hair growth

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This is easy to perform by both beginners and daily performers. This pose helps in releasing digestive gases easily. It is also known as the One-Legged Knee-to-Chest Pose. It is best to perform this every morning as it helps to release the trapped gases and is good for stomach and digestive system too.


faster hair growth

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Also called the fish pose, this should be performed every morning on an empty stomach. This yoga asana reduces stress and calms down the body preventing hair loss due to mental anxiety. It helps in keeping you in peace too.




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