Yoga Asanas to Increase Height


Our height, weight and physique are often the three important things that build our confidence. As kids, we are all told to focus on our height as increasing the height before puberty is a must. For this reason, many schools have introduced yoga. However, to get any benefits you must perform these asanas daily and see a marked difference in your child or teens height:

Vriksh Asana


source- stylecraze

To perform Vriksh Asana, you need to stand on one leg and bend the other leg so that its foot touches the thigh of the other leg. After that, extend your hands overhead and then touch both of your palms. Hold your pose before returning to your starting position.

Sarvang Asana

Sarvang Asana

source- stylecraze

To perform Sarvang Asana, you need to lie on the floor and then uplift your legs together. Lift your back by supporting it with your hands while your shoulders take your body weight. Ensure that, your legs remain in the air while you lift your back. After some seconds, come back to your initial position.

Ustra Asana


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For performing Ustra Asana, you need to sit on your knees and then try to lie back slowly while touching your feet with your hands. The, hold your pose for some seconds and then get back to your initial position slowly.




Hasta Padasana is very easy as you need to stand straight and extend your hands above your head while inhaling. After that, bend forward and try touching your head to your knees and hands to your feet while exhaling. Hold your pose for some couple of seconds and then go back to your starting position.



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For performing Marjaryasana, you need to sit on your knees and bend yourself forward to touch the floor with your hands. After that, raise your tailbone upwards while keeping your head bent. Hold your position for some seconds and then return to your initial position.

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