What You Should Know Before Trying a Ketogenic Diet

Keto Diet

The wondrous Ketogenic diet helps to shed oodles of kilos and for those who follow it regularly and with commitments, they seriously cannot stop gushing over its benefits. It changes the way our bodies derive energy from the food we eat.  If you too are planning to start it soon then you must know a few things


Helps to keep you satiated for long

Carbs empty the stomach easily, whereas fats stay for longer. High intake of fats and protein enhances the satiety level; therefore it makes one feel fuller for longer and eventually helps to eat less.

It is high in fats

It can be called as a diet that works by loading up on fats! It downplays carbs in favour of fats. This is so because when the body is low in carbohydrates, it starts burning stored fat for metabolism through a process called ketosis, which ultimately results in weight loss.

Aids weight loss

It takes more to turn fat into energy and it is due to this that ketogenic diet helps speed up weight loss. Since the diet is high in protein it does not leave you starved for food as well.

Reduces acne

By decreasing carb intake and taking it more of real food than packaged one, it is fair to say that a ketogenic diet is best at helping in reducing acne.

Tracks Your Calories


Weight loss depends on the calorie consumption so keeping a track on it is necessary. The main reason people on a low carb diet tend to lose without tracking their calories is that it is much harder to overeat on having a protein-rich diet.

Kinds of fats to have

Fats are not the same when following keto diet. The deep fried foods need to be avoided. One needs to use plant-based fat like the one in avocados in this.

It could help your cholesterol levels

A new study has come up saying, a ketogenic diet could actually improve a person’s triglyceride, HDL and LDL levels. It came up that a very low-carb eating routine like that in a keto can help people majorly in weight loss.

Anticipate Low-Energy Activity
Depending on how many carbohydrates you cut out, you may not feel very energetic during the first few days.




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