What to Eat Before a Cardio Workout

For a low-intensity Cardio

Cardio consists of many exercises patterns that range from high-intensity workouts to the low ones. The eating pattern simultaneously changes with the type of workout you do. It is advised to have 75 to 100 percent carbs in your snacks and meals that you consume the whole day. Here we have a list of must-eats before a cardio workout and it ranges from having a different intake of calories for low intensity and high-intensity ones.

For a low-intensity Cardio:

Low-intensity cardio includes a long walk, light jogging etc for which you need not eat before going for a workout. But after this exercise regime, one needs to make sure not to skip the post-workout meal. If you repeat your exercise again you do not need to eat before going for a workout. After completing have some healthy carbs, protein and little bit of fat too. Prior to a low-intensity cardio exercise, it is not important to have a meal so here we have what to have after completing a low-intensity cardio workout:


For low intensity cardio

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Things you can have before doing a low-intensity cardio workout:

· Peanut butter spread on a banana toast

· Protein shake with berries

· Apple with 1 tbsp almond butter

For a higher intensity cardio:

A higher intensity cardio affects your body a little more than a regular work out session. If you are running for more than an hour, your body requires more fuel than what it generally gets. Eating some time before training gives your body the necessary energy boost and the carbs consumed help in performing a energetic cardio. This workout also absorbs your last meals energy and the insulin of your body. It is often advised to do these exercises before the first meal of a day followed by a heavy protein diet.


eat before high intensity workout

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Things you can have before doing a high-intensity cardio exercise:

· Protein shake and banana

· Sprouts toast with 1 tbsp almond butter

· Protein granola with almond milk

Things to have after:

· Coconut water with protein powder

· 4-5 ounces chicken breast and a small sweet potato




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