Natural ways to add more zinc to diet


Zinc in  daily food habit is essential for immunity, cell growth, fast healing of wounds etc and even a slight deficiency of zinc can cause digestion issues. It is essential for the proper functioning of over 300 enzymes and is involved in many proper functioning of the body.  Zinc boosting superfoods need to be included in the daily diet but its supplements need to be avoided so we bring the natural ways one can add more zinc to the daily diet.


Red meat is particularly great source of zinc. Having animal meat one just needs to keep a check on the calories intake. Beef is a good choice among them as 100 grams of raw beef has 4.8 mg of zinc, making it efficient for a person’s daily intake.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds

They are high carrier of zinc and helps prevent prostate cancer and supports a healthy immune system. To get the best of it, eat them raw as the roasted form lowers its zinc content.

Mushrooms and Spinach

Spinach is rich in every nutrient and zinc is one of it. A bowl of cooked spinach gives 1.4 mg of zinc. For mushrooms they are another wonder food for zinc. Similar to spinach it has all the benefits to give to the body. Have a bowl of cooked mushrooms daily and it serves the body’s basic need of zinc.


Crabs, clams, lobsters and mussels are powerful sources of zinc. It is not easily available but fulfills seven times the recommended daily allowance of this mineral. Being exceptionally high in zinc content, it is advised to have it occasionally.

Dark chocolate

dark chocolate

Just 100 grams of dark chocolate boosts zinc level as

100 grams of its unsweetened form provides 9.6 mg of zinc. It is both toothsome and filled with enriching properties.


Nuts and cashews are particularly rich sources of zinc. They are also rich carrier of healthy fats and fiber, as well as a number of other vitamins and minerals.  Have cashews as one-ounce of it contains 14% of a man’s daily recommended intake. They are a quick snack that also helps to reduce heart disease, cancer and diabetes. It is also said that people who eat nuts tend to live longer than those who do not.




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