Tips slim women follow to avoid getting fat

They listen to their bodies

Whenever we see a slim woman we always wonder whats behind her sexy figure.  Even we have a couple of slim and fit girls in our office so we asked few of them to share some tips with us  and we realised that its not about dieting for them but more about having the right quantity of food. Read on to know the secret

They do not take hunger as putting on extra pounds

They do not take hunger as putting on extra pounds

Hunger  is not overeating and they always eat to their capacity and how much the stomach allows them to. They always avoid extra eating or overloading with extra pounds. Doing this they do not need to struggle with losing those extra pounds later.

They know what to eat and how much

They are very strict in following the amount of food intake. They may eat varieties but will eat the amount they know their body would allow them without hurting. They know what and how much to eat.

They have that Self-Control

They have that Self-Control

Self-Control always helps in keeping you away from that mouth smacking dishes which are hard to resist and they know this very well.

Drink Water

Water not only keeps them hydrated but also helps in maintaining overall health (especially when exercising), but also sometimes, we confuse the feeling of thirst for hunger.


Avoid so called healthy food

They prefer healthy home cooked meal over labeled diet food available on the market.


No gain without pain  which is why slim girls are always into fitness. They might not workout daily but they make sure that they eat healthy and engage in some kind of physical activity.


They listen to their bodies

They listen to their bodies

Ask yourself before eating, “Am I  hungry”? This answers most of your queries and slim women know and follow these well. They will eat only when hungry and they listen to their body’s requirements seriously.




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