Ways to Lose That Mummy Tummy

Ways to lose that mummy tummy

A new born baby brings happiness and joy to a mother but having a baby adds extra kilos. After delivery most women worry about the accumulated belly fat post pregnancy. We tell you some easy tactics to get rid of the mummy tummy.

Belly band:

Belly Band

Belly binding has been practiced for centuries in different cultures around the world. A belly band is a stretchy tummy band worn immediately after childbirth which helps in flattening your tummy and gives proper support to the back. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani and HalleBerry have used this technique to get back in shape.

Breast feed:

Breast feed

Breast feeding is good for both the baby and mother as it helps to burns up to 500 calories a day. The fat accumulated during pregnancy is used to produce milk. The hormone called oxytocin released during breastfeeding causes the muscle cells in your uterus to shrink and this helps your stomach get back to its usual size.



Once the doctor gives you permission, (most gynecologists allow 1 to 3 month post baby) join yoga classes to get rid of the fat. In case you are unable to join a class start with simple hand and leg exercises or household chores like washing utensils, cleaning your cupboard, dusting, etc and avoid sitting for long. But maintain a realistic mindset when setting goals.

Diet Control:

Diet Control

Don’t do strict dieting but cut down on the calorie intake. Eat healthy and nutritious food. Indulge in healthy eating habits rather than binging on high calorie food like laddoo, chocolates, desi ghee paranthas etc.

Nap around your baby:

Nap around your baby

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A new born makes you drown in sleep and causes hormonal imbalance which further bloats your stomach. So it’s very important to take proper rest to keep your stress levels in check.

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