Why You Must Eat Raw Garlic

Garlic has been associated with foul smell and vampires for really long! But slowly researchers are opening up to traditional wisdom and eating garlic is said to be very beneficial for health. Garlic is packed with health-promoting components. Garlic contains allicin and alliin which are more than enough for the elimination of diseases. It also contains vitamins C, A, E, and folate. Many people associate eating raw garlic to foul smell but the health benefits it packs are amazing and there is no stink too!

Garlic contains antioxidants:

Why You Must Eat Raw Garlic

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A high amount of antioxidants that destroy free radicals and reduce the oxidative stress make garlic awesome. Antioxidants are very effective for preventing various types of cancer.

Garlic reduces cholesterol:

Why You Must Eat Raw Garlic

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Garlic is beneficial as it reduces cholesterol level by 9 to 12 percent. Reports say that garlic also reduces LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

Garlic is antibacterial:

Garlic can easily terminate harmful bacteria as it is a natural antibiotic. Also the best part is that it does not kill healthy bacteria as chemical antibiotics do.

Garlic is anti-fungal:

Why You Must Eat Raw Garlic

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Allicin in Garlic can easily destroy fungi. Many doctors suggest their patients to eat raw garlic for the termination of fungal infections.

Garlic also improves the immune system:

Why You Must Eat Raw Garlic

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Garlic improves the immune system as it has strong antiviral properties. Doctors also suggest that eating garlic tackles cold and allergy problems. A study found that people who consume garlic usually have fewer colds and the time span of their cold also get shortened as compared to those people who do not eat garlic.

Garlic lowers blood pressure:

Why You Must Eat Raw Garlic

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Garlic can easily reduce the blood pressure and that’s the main reason why doctors suggest their patients to eat garlic are to tackle their High blood pressure problems.

Garlic prevents cancer:

Why You Must Eat Raw Garlic

The biggest benefits of consuming raw garlic is that it reduces the risk of certain cancers which include stomach, esophagus, pancreas, colon, and breast.

Would you consume garlic?




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