High-Fiber diet may help fight type 2 diabetes


Now the fight against type 2 diabetes may soon improve just by introducing high-fiber diet in our daily life. After a study of six years, it was found out at eating the right dietary fibers could rebalance the gut microbiota or the ecosystem of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract that would eventually help digest food.

As per a study led by a Rutgers University-New Brunswick professor, the promotion of a select group of gut bacteria by a diet high in diverse fibers could led to better blood glucose control, greater weight loss and better lipid levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes develops when pancreas makes little insulin( Insulin is a hormone that helps the glucose to enter the cells, which provides energy) or when the body doesn’t use insulin well. Many bacteria break down carbohydrates, in the gut and produce short-chain fatty acid, which provides nourishment to the gut lining, reduce inflammation and help to control the appetite.The shortage of short-chain fatty acids leads to the type 2 diabetes and other diseases.

So try to intake dietary fiber to lessen type 2 diabetes.




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