High Chances Of Seasonal Influenza Predicted This Year

High Chances Of Seasonal Influenza

This time it is predicted that there may be a rise in incidence of flu in northern hemisphere, including India. After Australia reported a record high incidence of flu, Flu-trackers have predicted a high incidence of seasonal flu in India in 2018 based on outbreak trends in winter in southern hemisphere.

High chances of seasonal influenza this year requires establishment of surveillance programmes, vaccination and medication availability. According to a recent report on seasonal influenza published in Lancet, respiratory diseases like seasonal influenza can kill up to 6.46 lakh patients annually.

A total of 1,353 cases and 133 deaths have been reported in the country till February 25, 2018. Though an influenza outbreak is still not reported. Tamil Nadu faced a lot of cases with influenza deaths amongst the dengue occurrence between August-October last year.

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) is the major complication that is caused by Seasonal Influenza. It decreases the supply of oxygen to the lungs and the blood that may also lead to the death of the patient. Influenza develops respiratory complications with symptoms such as cough, fever and shivering.

A yearly flu vaccine is recommended by doctors for all people above six months to prevent them against influenza.

The vaccination need to be advised by the public health experts now to reduce the risk along with vaccinations under Universal Immunization Programme.




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